Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meat Plans

Last August I wanted to try smoking some meat, so over the course of a couple of weeks I made some kick-ass homemade barbecued pork and beef. I finished the summer vowing to get a smoker.

Here it is, April, and I still haven't got one. But I'm going to get one, and am trying to plan a few opportunities to put it to the test. I'll definitely re-do the recipes I did last year, but like I mentioned I'm going to use a cut of meat with more connective tissue - shoulder or butt. I'm salivating just thinking about it. This summer, this place will change from Cthulhu's Family Restaurant to Cthulhu's Smokehouse.

Oh...and there's no sense in doing it again if you don't intend to improve things or explore new things. So this year, I'm going to add homemade bacon to my list of smoking feats. I found that post when I was looking for a pulled pork recipe. Over the winter I found a local meat store that sells good-sized, good quality (non-industrial/corn/petrol-based) pork bellies. They cost a bit, but they look like they'll make great bacon.

I just need to figure out when...I'll probably need to throw a good-sized cookout at least once this summer. This will also be the second year we spend a week on the South Coast (Westport MA) at the beach, and I think smoking up the bacon for that trip (breakfast and BLT's) will be the thing to do.'s 11pm and I need barbecue.


Dr. Momentum said...

It's horrible when that need hits close to midnight... as it so often does.

Beach Bum said...

My uncles use to BBQ an entire hog every Christmas. I remember it being 1:00am in the morning and salivating over the smell of cooking pig. Some of the drunkest and best times of my life.

Added you to my blog list.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Dr M. - I know. If only Nyquil had a "pulled pork" flavor.

BB - Pig roasts rock! One particular frat always roasted a pig during rush. Never went the "Greek" way, but always took time to enjoy the pig. Thanks for the blogroll; I've returned the favor.