Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Yeah, okay, I think I'm back. Took way longer than I thought it would be - I actually thought about coming back on November 1st, but then I'd have felt obliged to try for NaBloPoMo and I'm not sure I have 30 posts in a row in me.


Everything is cool. Finishing up in Boston was faster-paced and busier than I thought it would be, and immediately after I checked out of the net and went on vacation for a week at the beach in southeastern Mass.

Then between settling in to the new residence in Rhode Island (the master bedroom is finally 100% unpacked!), getting the kids into school and getting me into school, and returning to an academic environment myself, three months pretty much disappeared. I went "full bore" for the first trimester and I'm glad I did; I needed every minute I put into it, just to get into the habit of researching and writing again.

So, 3 months, thousands of pages of reading and 53 pages of writing later, I'm 1/3 of the way to another master's degree and I think I can finally start posting here again. This trimester is supposed to be much easier, so I plan on having more time in the evenings. That and I'm already half a week ahead on reading before the trimester even starts.

Yawn. Okay, enough boring bullshit. Reading nothing was probably more interesting. So I promise I'll be more interesting in the posts that follow.