Friday, November 14, 2008

Songs So Cheesy I Had To Put Them On My iPod 2

Okay, so last week I did some cheesy 70's rock. Well, I did some this week, too. Picking cheesy 70's rock songs is like shooting fish in a barrel. I'll branch out.

This week, a song that I forgot was there.

Throughout rock history, so many songs have followed the format "Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy loses girl (sometimes to a car crash, sometimes he kills her, sometimes she leaves him) boy laments." Today's song follows the format:

1. Boy is bored on Saturday night
2. Boy drinks and takes drugs
3. Boy wants to go to midnight show
4. Boy drives under the influence
5. Boy goes too fast and can't avoid crashing
6. Boy dies, but can't figure out why

The band: Kiss
The song: Detroit Rock City
The album: Destroyer

BTW I'm posting the full mix, for full effect...

Songs so bad they need to be on my iPod

Pure cheese. But rockin' cheese! So rockin', it's been covered numerous times. And so cheesy, it needs to be on my iPod, and I'm glad it is.

It was also a movie with a BITCHIN' soundtrack. Here's one of my favorite scenes, and it ends with another one of my favorite songs.

Oh...and lyrics...gotta have lyrics...

Lyrics | Kiss - Detroit Rock City lyrics


briwei said...

Need to add that flick to my queue!

Stickthulhu said...

And I need to watch it again myself.