Monday, November 3, 2008

36 Days to Stupid

The only reason I'm putting it here than on Regime Turnover is because it's NaBloPoMo.

You know you're having trouble when the main publication you rely upon to spread your word turns against you. Such was the case when, on 26 September, National Review columnist Kathleen Parker admitted that Palin is in over her head and should bow out for the good of the party. The Republican Party immediately shot back that the complaints were coming from so-called "intellectual" conservatives - not Main Street Republicans. So...intellectuals are not prized by the Republican Party.

It must be true, because we all know that 18 days later Christopher Buckley left the National Review (can we say "was run out of"?) after presenting a well-reasoned argument for supporting Obama.

And 18 days later the coup de grace..."Main Street, anti-intellectual Republicanism" comes on nation-wide display as Gov. Palin actually believes she is talking to French President Nicholas Sarkozy on a freaking cell phone because, you know, foreign heads of state just call people up out of the blue and all.

Just three little events that tell me I've made the right decision in not voting Republican for the first time in my voting career. Though I truly hope the party can recover from it's anti-intellectualism (and the host of other problems it has) sometime before I die.

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