Friday, November 7, 2008

Songs So Cheesy I Had To Put Them On My iPod

We all have them ... songs that are just so damned cheesy we enjoy the heck out of them. Some of them are meant to be humorous and cheesy, but I much prefer the ones that aren't. Those songs conceived with the intent of assaulting the charts - and maybe they did - but they are just so bad you have no idea how they became hits. And you love them.

Sometimes there are bands like that - where a significant portion of their body of work meets the standard. Such is the case with Sweet, a UK "glam rock" band that has endured many years since forming in the early 70's.

Their best known songs in the U.S. - "Fox on the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz" - are cheesy indeed and definitely have a place on my iPod, but their best is the wonderful 1974 tune, "Little Willy".

Why? Because I just a love "Star-shine shimmy shuffle smile". My wife thinks it's because I'm really trying to believe that "size doesn't matter".

I give you, (The) Sweet, with "Little Willy".

Songs so bad they need to be on my iPod

And in case you really need to know what they're singing...

Lyrics | Sweet - Little Willy lyrics

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