Saturday, November 8, 2008

Flailing My Way Through Social Media

Yeah, that best describes it. Still a social media ignoramus. Build a blog in March, go on Twitter shortly thereafter, finally get on Facebook this fall. Great - met some new friends, I'm now connecting with many old friends on a regular basis, and spending way too much time jumping between programs. I even started my own H. P. Lovecraft group on NaBloPoMo. Hopefully, someday soon I'll figure out how to tie it all together through feeds, tweets, diggs, apps, and plenty of trial and error. Then, I will be a true Social Media Ninja! Whatevs, I'm still having fun doing it!

Since just reading my lame attempt at whining should not qualify in and of itself as a blog post, here are a few things that made me snicker during the week.

1. Obama supporters face their empty lives now that the election is over. Kind of like a "Yes we can" meets "Dawn of the dead" thingy. (humor, Obama, political campaigns)

2. Fantastic Contraption, a fun, physics-based problem solving game. Build simple machines out of basic components to move objects to a goal area. Looks like it would be great to do with kids. (game, physics, machines, learning)

3. Falling Bush, a lame-duck celebration of gravity, GWB and partially inelastic collisions. Can't laugh at the Dems without laughing at the Repubs. I am a raving centrist after all. (game, Bush, falling)

4. Real Ultimate Power. Did I mention ninja? This will show you how. (ninjas, humor, WTF)

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