Saturday, December 6, 2008

Songs So Cheesy I Had To Put Them On My iPod 4's early. I need to be in bed. But oh well. I also needed (wanted) to get this done!

Even though it's advent, I still don't want to get into the cheesy Christmas spirit just yet. Instead, I wanted to do something VERY METAL.

As well as from the UK, just like Viv here. First, I have to state - I FUCKEN' LOVE THIS BAND. I have seen them twice (long, long ago) and they blew me away. They always had a great way of taking literature (Samuel Taylor Colleridge, Frank Herbert, Alfred Lord Tennyson), history (Battle of Balaclava, Battle of Britain) and Egyptian Mythology (Horus / Osiris) and turning out beautiful, overpowering, epic head-banging tunes.

And then there was the time they took on Greek mythology. They came out with a freakin' awesome song, but took a great amount of liberty with the story - as they are entitled to do. So really, I guess I don't have any complaints about this song. It's not really that cheesy. I just wanted to put some Iron Maiden on my mix.

Yeah, baby! That banner is The Trooper, but the song I'm posting is The Flight of Icarus.

Songs so bad they need to be on my iPod

Lyrics | Iron Maiden - Flight of icarus lyrics

And hey! With an epitaph like that, Maiden NEEDS to be on this site!

I want to come back as Eddie after I die...

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Randal Graves said...

Up the irons!

Everyone should love Maiden, you bloody wankers!