Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everybody say PENIS!!!!

In the "I don't want to blog about anything even remotely mature or socially redeeming" department...

Northern California town has brand new pedestrian barriers that look like big dicks.

Sorry had to use the word "dick". The video said there was "adult language" in the story, and since all I heard was "penis" I figured I'd use an adult word. Be happy I didn't use "fat, steely cocks".

Really, now..."penis" and adult word?

"By God, they're penises," Debra said. "And it's a nice sturdy one at that."

"I've heard people leaning out the window, saying, 'Love the penises!" she laughed, "which you don't hear very often.

"Winters is a jewel, and this just polishes the jewel," he said.

Just don't polish the sidewalk pee-pees. You don't know what could happen.

Full story here.


Dawn on MDI said...

Oh. My. God.

What fun!

There is nothing like a good, sturdy, 3-foot-tall cast iron penis.

Thank god.

Good grief. We've had those things in Bar Harbor for ages, and either we've never noticed or we go over it a long time ago. I always figured those Nothern California folks for the progressive liberal types and New Englanders for the Puritanical prude types. Huh. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now, they can't just stop there. There are lamp posts and fire hydrants and flagpoles and all sorts of other things just waiting to be phallicized.

Randal Graves said...

Someone certainly isn't thinking of the children!

Bull said...

Dawn - I can't speak for Sacramento, but if it's anything like San Francisco, I think there are plenty of people on both sides, and it just takes the right "gray area" issue to get either side crowing.

Replicant - welcome! Very true...there are plenty of things for the town to "make a cock up" of.

Randall - I wish they would think of the children. If "penis" is an adult word, however will my son refer to his schlong?

Dr. Momentum said...

Sturdy penises?

Did someone knock over a truck full of of Cialis?