Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lose Your Virginity To A Whopper

Get your mind out of the pr0n here. But pr0n might actually be more palatable than this unbelievably fucktarded bullshit.

Hey. I like a whopper every now and then. Especially with bacon and cheese. And if you could stuff a chicken breast fillet in there as well, you'd have the perfect trifecta of cooked meat on one bun! But I honestly don't give a rat's ass what a Croatian goat shaver thinks of it.

America says they are tired of the world knowing us only by our bombs. That includes grease-bombs.


MRMacrum said...

American Fast Food - the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. If you can't win their hearts and minds, conquer their gastro intestinal tract. Personally I favor the Triple burger set up from Wendys, but only upsized to a medium. No sense over doing it. Moderation in all things.

Julie said...

Despite the dramatic music and the funny hat, I had assumed that this whole thing was staged and that the guy in the spotless white shirt was an actor. Evidently not, according to this excellent article. Apparently, there are more of these dumb ads in the pipeline, because they went to several different countries.

Of course, if the guy's from a country where you don't even like what they eat, and he prefers a Whopper, then by BK's own logic you should probably go running for a Big Mac.

I'd rather have a Big Shef than either a Whopper or a Big Mac anyway, but Burger Chef is being pretty stubborn about being extinct, and the Hardee's revival of it a few years ago was not even worth the trip through the drive-thru.

Bull said...

If I must have my choice of franchise burgers, it's the In-N-Out "Double Double" with grilled onions.

Love the place because the menu is basic - burgers, fries (cut from real potatoes in front of you) and real shakes.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for my waistline) Boston is not California...

Randal Graves said...

Smart business move. Why blow people up when you can get them to buy our slop? See? War isn't the answer!

verification: untaxi. Use in a sentence. After seeing the driver was an ex-Bush administration official, I decided to untaxi myself and walk.