Thursday, February 12, 2009

If You're Going to Attend Miskatonic U, Expect to See Some Elder-Signs this one...

...or this one...

...or, if you can get one of those sweet little eldrich coeds from the "Sisters of Azathoth" pledge class back to your room, you just may be lucky enough to see THIS ONE!

Now THAT's a portal in which I am sure no evil lurks...

Apparently, some students and staff at a local Catholic University don't feel that way. Now I've made it clear that my religious views are somewhere in the void between agnosticism, atheism and just plain not giving a shit (it's a little place I like to call "Beer") but this seems a bit ridiculous.

“There is no choice if you don’t think it’s appropriate. You can’t turn it around,” said biology professor Dan Kirschner, faculty adviser for BC’s chapter of Hillel, a Jewish student group. “I think it is being insensitive to the people of other faith traditions here.”

Ummm, lessee...private university...openly declares itself Catholic...wants to have a crucifix in every room...hey, you know, they can do what they want. It seems appropriate to me. And to me, insensitive (downright discriminatory in fact) would be not allowing a Hillel chapter. If the school goes Unitarian, feel free to bitch.

Amir Hoveyda, head of BC’s chemistry department, blasted the school in an e-mail to the Herald for “not being interested in an exchange with its faculty members.”

In an interview with the college newspaper, The Observer, which broke the story, Hoveyda described the crucifixes as “offensive” and the university’s actions as “anti-intellectual.”

Professor Hoveyda, I'm sure they are interested in an exchange with you - say, on, oh...I don't know...issues affecting the Chemistry department? Why did you agree to be a head of department for a Catholic university you find the Catholic "mythos" and its symbols offensive? And as for "anti-intellectual" you lose me there. For Yog Sothoth's sake, they put a fucking crucifix in a class! It's not like they invited Ben Stein and his gang of yahoos to teach creationism as a valid scientific theory to your classes under the guise of "academic freedom". As long as they haven't started telling you how to teach chemistry or to make sure everyone believes that supersaturated solutions can only come from God through the grace of Tiny Little 8-Pound, Six Ounce Baby Jesus, and that the tongues of flame on the bunsen burners are really the Holy Spirit, I'm pretty sure you can stave off the anti-intellectual brain rays emanating from a crucifix. There are plenty of examples of the anti-intellectual aspects of ultra-conservative, ultra-Christian institutions and movements. This isn't one of them.

Hey, per-fess'r...maybe you could go teach at a muslim college. I understand the sorority pledges are all Halal:

Ya' just can't tell 'em you'd like to PORK 'em!

Great Cthulhu's strap-on! Now THAT'S INSENSITIVE, if not downright sexist.


Mary Ellen said...

Wow...this guy is offended by a crucifix in the room and not offended by the big stick he obviously has shoved up his ass? What a shocker.

I agree...if you don't like the crucifix, teach at a public university. I've said he same thing about pharmacists who don't want to give out birth control pills...get another job if you can't do it.

OT: I just saw your comment at my blog. I'm sticking around through the weekend and just put up a new post. I'm also going to continue reading and commenting on other blogs,just not as much as I used you're not rid of me yet!

Julie said...

Totally agree. Can't believe someone would go to a Catholic college and then be upset to see Catholic stuff. It's not like they're being forced to practice the religion.

MRMacrum said...

A popular and apparently obligatory lawn ornament up here for Catholics who do abide by the rules is to implant in their lawns a shrine. They dot the landscape, these bathtubs turned on their ends with I assume Mary mother of the Man, or is it the Man's son looking out serenely with hands folded in prayer. A blissful pose.

Some folks say the shrines to "Our Lady of the Bathtub" are blights on the landscape. Some communties have attempted to rid their towns of them by zoning them illegal. Like the college, it's their space, they can do what they want with it. This is as obnoxious as the Holier than thous wanting to jam their take down our throats also.

Randal Graves said...

I have to second (fourth?) the previous commenters. If I went to Satanic university, I wouldn't be shocked to see inverted crosses and pentacles. If I attended a school run by a chaos magician, I wouldn't be shocked to see photos of Spiro Agnew and the smelly residue of yogurt cups tossed on the wall.

How come you never see an Our Lady of the Steel Wash Basin, though?

Aaman said...

Hello mr. Cthulu's,

Could you please keep the images of those thongs to yourself... despicable...

Anonymous said...

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