Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That Lord Vader's a bastard after a few drinks...

The UK has a bona-fide case of religious persecution on their hands.

No, it's not British Muslims with their knickers in a bunch over "Fitna".

It's the Jedi's.

Apparently, Jedi's are not welcome in Holyhead in the UK. Especially the head of the Jedi Church of England (JC-of-E?).

From the UK Telegraph:

"Jedi Master Jonba Hehol - known to family and friends as Barney Jones, 36, of Holyhead - was giving a TV interview in his back garden for a documentary when a man, dressed in a black bin-bag and wearing Darth Vader's trademark shiny black helmet, leapt over his garden fence.

Wielding a metal crutch - his lightsaber presumably being in for repairs - the Sith Lord proceeded to lay about his opponent, whose Jedi powers proved inadequate for the task of defending himself."

Story here.

Apparently, the "Liquid Force" was with the Sith Lord. I'll take that over the teachings of a 900 year old muppet any day.

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briwei said...

Good thing Vader was drunk or he might have remembered that he could just choke the guy with the force...