Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sleep, those litte slices of death...

Actually, I don't share views with Edgar Allen Poe on this one. I don't mind staying up, but I do love my sleep. That's why being able to "sleep in" until 0645 this morning was such a treat!

For the past ten days or so, three of my four minions have been battling a nasty sinus infection, and they're only just now getting over it. Minion #2's eardrum actually perforated, so it looks like she's in for her second set of grommets. Minion #3 was a little more fortunate. A week of crankiness and she's over it.

Minion #4 (I'll call him "Chub-Niggurath" ... the only one I've figured out yet) gave us the toughest time. He had a pretty nasty cough most of the time, during which he cut a tooth and his molars started acting up. So the nights were pretty rough. Don't think Mrs. Stickthulhu got more than 4 hours a night, in 45min - 1 hr chunks. He was always wide awake by 0500, so I took up the slack by getting up with him and getting everything set up for Minion #'s 1 and 2's school while he rode shotgun in the baby backpack.

Uuugh, what a week that made out to be. Worse for Mrs. Stick than me, who actually started coming down with her own sickness on Thursday.

Which is why, when Chubsie ended up sleeping for six hours straight last night, the atmosphere upon waking was more like a carnival than an execution.

So it's off to make a pancake breakfast for the kids and then jet down to Fall River for a few hours this afternoon. The Minions have had the great fortune (unlike me) to really know their great grandfather, and we try to keep the contact as frequent as possible, while we have him.

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briwei said...

Sorry the clan is feeling so poorly. Good on you for getting up and toting Chub around.