Friday, March 13, 2009

Great...Another One...

Crummy talked about having more than one blog being like loving more than one woman. It sounds great but in the end, both end up being neglected. True, unless you use enough Viagra. But be careful, you might end up like this guy.

Or, worse yet, this guy:

And well, while don't plan on popping pills or "not having sex" with delusional interns (but the Secretary of State? Well...maybe for the notoriety) I do plan on spreading myself more thinly through the blogosphere by starting YET ANOTHER BLOG.

I've decided to try and write something (or things, if it ends up working out) for the Innsmouth Free Press website to which I alluded earlier this week...possibly even a piece or two (I have two ideas) of fiction for it; so this blog will be the place where I throw down story sections, go over ideas, and ask those whose opinions I value to offer criticism, if they feel so inclined.

The blog is called "Appreciable Mental Strain" and is lifted from the first sentence of Dagon, one of the first short stories Lovecraft wrote.

Invitations will be forwarded carrier those of you whose emails I have.

If you'd like to follow and I don't have your email please drop me a line at cthulhusfamilyrestaurant- at- gmail- dot- com. (broken up to protect from spambots...thanks for the tip, Crum!)

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MRMacrum said...

Glutton for punishment comes to mind. But then I have to admire your enthusiasm. Good luck with it. I look forward to your writing. anyway. So if there is more, then great.