Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To Arlen Specter

Even though I'm in the Navy and occasionally post about military things that I think are important, I never wanted to be a Mil-Blogger.

As much as I love sports, particularly baseball and football, I ****NEVER**** wanted to be a Sports-Blogger. However, given the recent statements of a certain prominent and senior Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, I feel I must take a step in that direction, at least for a moment.

Dear Senator Specter,

I know you just can't let go of the fact that the NFL has cleaned its own house, and consider it important to the integrity of the game and the well-being of the American people. Maybe you just can't get over the fact that Donovan McNabb and his overrated Eagles were not the better team in Superbowl XXXIX.

Whatever your reason, please leave the NFL alone. We have more pressing matters at hand.

If you would like to investigate and verify the integrity of large and powerful enterprises and organizations, I respectfully suggest you form a commission to look into the following:

1. Oil Companies
2. Defense Contractors
3. The Federal Reserve System
4. Real Estate Brokers
5. "Big Religion"
6. Congress

Otherwise, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Stepping back now...


Maggie said...

I think the man is investigating himself into irrelevance. Unbelievable. I hope voters will stand up and tell him how absurd he is.

However, in the category of politicians who are in touch with the little man, George Bush gave up golf because he didn't feel it was appropriate to play golf during a war. So it's good to know he understands a soldier's life. I guess he didn't play golf while he was dodging the draft during the Vietnam war, or something. Or maybe he used a plastic spoon...

briwei said...

That STFU was long overdue. I mean, seriously. If Congress really has nothing better to do than worry about cheating in professional sports, then perhaps we should disband them. ;-)

Stickthulhu said...

Well, as minute as it may seem, giving up golf for years as some sort of "war-lent-penance" thingy means more than magnetic yellow ribbons...

...too bad it's just one small "attaboy" in a sea of "awshits".

Dr. Momentum said...

Bush claimed giving up golf was "showing his solidarity as best as he can." This is the guy IN CHARGE. A symbolic gesture is *the best he can?* Maybe he doesn't know what that means.

I have to agree with Olbermann. video: Olbermann: Bush interview unforgiveable [www_msnbc_msn_com]

BTW - there are apparently records of him playing golf months after he says he decided to it up (when they took him off the golf course in Texas). Whatever.

Great minds think alike; I like your approach. Requesting these probes is a good idea.

Stickthulhu said...

Maybe he should have given up landing on aircraft carriers...