Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Book of Perverbs

So yesterday my wife and I are talking and she uses the word "proverbial". I forget the discussion and the comparison, but I always take notice of this "trouble" word. Too damned many lazy and/or ignorant people use "per" instead of "pro".

I know it's a tired complaint, but maybe there's a way around this. Maybe we make a new word. I propose:

perverbial (adj) - of or relating to or resembling or expressed in perverb.

What's a perverb? Well, it's from the book of Perverbs. That's the book in The Bible that tells you to marry seven underage girls and that it's okay to molest your parishioners.

Out of an inexplicable need to conserve the "per- / pro-" word balance, I searched for a "per" word that I could convert and define. I came up with the following:

prochance (adj.) - in favor of gambling or leaving important matters largely to chance. e.g. "This administration takes a decidedly prochance approach to economic and foreign policy."

But now, and I mean just now, everything is screwed up and my new found balance is upset! As my wife peruses a board she frequents, there was a comment about a "proformance" on American Idol this evening.

Ugh. People are so f@$#ing stupid...


Dr. Momentum said...

It's unusual that I type LOL and mean it. This time, I actually did.

I love it when a blog post creeps up on me.

Stickthulhu said...

Thanks. Sar just hi-fived me over eliciting your "primal LOL".

briwei said...

I love 'perverbial'. Let's spread it 'round the net and see if it sticks.