Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cthulhu's Tentactles - Serious and Silly Lovecraft

A day late, but never short. I can't take credit for finding these, as all these links and many more were found PMOGing my way through some of the excellent Cthulhu and Lovecraft missions there.

1. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive, mentioned in my last post. It's kept fairly up to date, and a good broad resource on Lovecraft, his life, his place in pop culture, etc. It brings the serious and some of the silly sides together well.

2. The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (HPLHS) Cell phone ring tones, prop downloads (Insanity Certificates, Lovecraft Stamps), Sanity Tests, and "live radio" adaptations of Lovecraft's stories. Cool, pop-culture.

3. Arkham House Publishing founded by August Derleth and another of Lovecraft's freinds after his death. Intended to keep Lovecraft's legacy alive, it has ended up being as much or more Derleth's.

4. The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu is an attempted merger of "Hello Kitty" and the Cthulhu Mythos. It's decidedly silly, but not good parody, in my opinion.

5. H. P. Lovecraft on Scriptorium. A fairly lengthy study of Lovecraft by his "Leading biographer and critic". This guy shows me just how silly I was trying to do my humanities "Sufficiency Project" on Lovecraft at WPI. I was too busy thinking about monsters.

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briwei said...

Love "Hello Cthulhu"!