Friday, July 25, 2008

While we're on the subject of food...

While we don't do a lot of burfays (unless we're on long roadtrip vacations!), we are definitely a calamari family. If we're at any halfway decent restaurant and calamari is on the menu, we stand a very good chance of ordering some. It's great to see how different places treat the dish, whether it's how they top or garnish the dish, or the variety in dipping sauce they provide.

Which is why Sarah and I were pleasantly surprised last weekend with (almost) the most basic calamari you could eat; fried, battered squid, banana and cherry peppers, and marinara sauce. It was cooked perfectly - the batter hadn't soaked up all the oil, the squid was hot, firm, but not tough, and the peppers had just enough zip.

Oh...and we had a "Virgin Mary in the Grill Cheese" moment, too...

But we were still hungry, so any thoughts of topping $28K on ebay were, ummm, swallowed.

We had it at the Bayside Restaurant in Westport. Check Trip Advisor for reviews. We stopped in when we were heading out to find the beachside house we are renting the first week of August. As luck would have it, they're about a 30-second walk from each other. So needless to say, we'll be enjoying more of the calamari (and other food on the menu - it is excellent!) then.

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