Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Grand Opening 24 Years in the Making!

Welcome to Cthulhu's Family Restaurant! A Blog about...uhhh...fuggit just read!

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Well, not quite. You see, after dreaming for many strange aeons, the Great Old One realized he was in a bit of a rut. Since dreams require action to come true, "The Big C" has decided to bail on R'lyeh and pursue his true dream, good food and family fun at affordable prices! (Just watch the shoggoth omelettes; they're a bit of a challenge.)

And yeah, it took 24 years for the doors to open. Why such a long time? Well, for that you need to go back to a 1984 junior year U.S. History class at BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, MA. Two students are bored and distracted out of their minds. This pisses the rest of the students in the class off because they still whip up on everyone else at "history jeopardy", crush puny-minded mortals in political debate, and ace tests with ease. One day, in a fit of boredom, one hands the other a piece of paper with "Cthulhu's Family Restaurant" written on it, and the beginning items of a menu:

"Pocket Sandwich...a real deep one!"
"Lady Fingers...fresh, New England cut!"

and silliness ensues. Dot-matrix signs made with Print Shop (remember it was '84), improved menus, you get the idea. One of those students was my buddy Briwei. You can check out his blog, "It's a Briwise World", from this page. The other was yours truly. I think we were heavily involved in a Cthulhu-based AD&D campaign, or maybe Call of Cthulhu, or maybe we just hadn't got laid yet. Okay, the third was beyond a maybe. So here it is, 24 years later, and I've entered the Blogosphere (technically my second blog - I started posting on Regime Turnover, along with several other friends, last month) and I've got Briwei to thank for the blog name...and for being a great friend all these years. Thanks Briwei. I'll try and bring life to some of those menu items we came up with!

But if you come here expecting perpetual Cyclopean Silliness and warmed over Cthulhu jokes, you'll only be partially satisfied. I'm also doing this for the same reason many others do - to think, share and express. Particularly think. I believe I (and much of America) has lost a step or two when it comes to thinking...especially critical thinking.

And there's plenty to think about, express and share. I look forward to doing just that!

Cthulhu Ftaghn,

Bull, a.k.a. "Stick"


Dr. Momentum said...

Any blog with a name like this has to be R'lyeh good!

Dr. Momentum said...

BTW - is it bad form to order calamari?

B.O.B.(bob) said...

Only if you wash it down with a Hastur Brew. Welcome to the web. Eventually I'll set upa blog of my own if only so I stop hijaking other peoples posts with barely related rants.

briwei said...

Woot! Welcome to the blog-o-splat. Watch out for cruise missiles. :)

briwei said...

Speaking of Hastur Brew, I found it's inverse. Polygamy Porter. Why have just one?

Stickthulhu said...

ail.comHa...very good.

Think I'll take the Hastur Brew, though...I was never a big fan of Porters. I brewed one once, gave it all to my dad. He loved it, so I suppose that was success enough.

B.O.B.(bob) said...

I know one Porter that will change your mind.

Cambridge Brewing Company's Porter is freakin'awesome. If you're every in the Kendall Square area I highly recommend giving it a try. It's sold at other bars in the Cambridge/Boston area too. Pr'aps we should meet there (or next door at Flat Top Johnny's (Pool Room)) some time to try them out?