Friday, March 4, 2011


...and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in its petty pace from day to day...

Tomorrow is also the last day - for a while, I hope - that I'm working these crazy shift hours.  So after tomorrow I'll be able (and have more energy) to take the time I want to spew a larger volume of meaningless crap than I have been the last few days.

But first, laundry.

Eddie looks pretty much about how I feel right now.


Beach Bum said...

Eddie looks pretty much about how I feel right now.

Watched reruns of Walking Dead last night with the family while eating god-awful pizza and multiple bottle of beer. Not only is my brain scrambled from the cuisine and entertainment but I had freaky zombie dreams last night.

Of course I was a Zombieland Woody Harrelson-like character.

T.W.Wombat said...

...To the last syllable of recorded time...

Randal Graves said...

Someone needs to be running free, but don't end up in Transylvania, 'tis a strange world, full of prowlers and harlots named Charlotte.

MRMacrum said...
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MRMacrum said...

My father claimed, "Tomorrow never arrives. By the time tomorrow arrives, it is Today."

This obvious logic caused me much brain strain as a kid determined to one up my ole man. Then a "Eureka" moment.

I stood in front of him one day with my legs spread impressively on feet firmly planted in conviction and said, "Tomorrow does arrive. Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow." I turned and walked away.

"Touche" was all I heard.

Chef Cthulhu said...

BB - Loved Walking Dead. Watched the entire series on the finale night. I've had about three zombie dreams since.

TWW - Memories of great days!

Randal - You are prescient.

Crum - The day you first outsmart your dad is a great milestone in any young man's life.