Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a quick update... say yeah, I'm still around. Business travel last week to San Francisco (Always get an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista near Hyde Pier - you won't regret it!) then back to RI over the weekend.

I've had some great ideas I want to write about, but now that I'm back on a semi-regular schedule things are getting fast-paced and I'll be off-line for a week or more. So basically, I'm writing to say I'll write more in a while.

Fucking slacker.

A big part of my time issue is where I chose to rent a room. It's a couple of miles outside the Beltway, so the commute - whether I ride or drive - is a complete pain in the ass. I drove today and it took me almost 90 minutes as the 495 was more parking-lottish than usual from the GW Parkway to Silver Spring. I submit that in addition to everything else, the average Beltway driver is empirical evidence that the National Capitol Region does not attract our best and brightest.

So my quest, once this next (hopefully brief) chapter is closed, is to secure lodging that is closer to R'lyeh to regain some of the 2.5-3 hrs I lose commuting every day. Then maybe I'll get some of my life back.

I'll still be reading and chiming in when I can.


Beach Bum said...

...the average Beltway driver is empirical evidence that the National Capitol Region does not attract our best and brightest.

My wife worked for the IRS up in DC for several years before her terrible mistake of attending a Buffett concert in North Carolina and meeting me. Trust me its a long and far more complicated story so I'll just leave it at that.

But anyway, my main point was that she and I have made many trips up to that area to visit her family and friends and each and every time I got on the Beltway it terrified me. Those people are freaking insane, and I cannot imagine driving anywhere near there while snow and ice are on the roads.

Rock on Dude.

Randal Graves said...

Lazy bum.

Story idea: Man stuck in awful commute traffic, drivers attacked by Shoggoths.

MRMacrum said...

My formative years were spent in the DC area. I always figured the problem was so many people from so many different places all trying to go the same direction at once. No local customs, no predictable behaviour - Is that guy from Maine or Massachusetts. DO I go? Or stay here and piss off the guy from New York blowing his horn behind me?

Couldn't ask for a better place to learn to drive. If you can handle DC, you can drive anywhere.

When you get the time, we'll be around. Pretty sad actually. ;)

okjimm said...

DRIVE never know when a Republican might be behind you.