Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dead in the Water

Ha. Good metaphor for a blog invoking the name of the Great Old One himself.  After November's brief revival things again got bogged down as is wont with my job and the posting dried up pretty darned good.  So I made a New Years resolution (yeah, that's it!) to start writing again sometime before the end of January.  Sound like a good enough rationalization to wait this long to post anything?  Yeah, well piss on you if you don't agree.

In all honesty I have been meaning to start writing / blogging again.  The big question is whether or not to start doing so HERE.  The place has been mostly abandoned because, for whatever reason, it is not meeting any needs or desires of mine.

But I have a need/desire to write, and here is where I can write.  It's my own place, and I've had it for some time.  It has lacked direction in the past - really never had any - but it can still be whatever I want.  Or can it?

I remember back in November that Crummy was reminiscing about his own place and how it "violates all the rules" about "successful blogging" as far as theme, content, length of posts, blah blah blah.  Like I've stated about this place, he admits that he doesn't really have anything he writes about.  It's mostly blogging about himself - an exercise in narcissism.  I don't think Crum would take that the wrong way (please don't). All personal blogging is an exercise in narcissism, this is no exception.

The thing that he has - and the other good ones that I read or have read (Randall, Beach Bum, okjimm, splotchy, my cousin the rabbit wrangler, nunly, and even recently my old college friend wombat) all have one thing going for them - they have a certain context, some sort of intellectual or cognitive rug that really ties their rooms together.  I'm not sure I have that rug...or maybe some Chinaman came in and pissed on it.

I do know one thing - if I want to get that rug, or clean the piss off of it, I simply need to write, and do so regularly.  For now this place will have to do.

I'm just not sure this is what I want my writing to be, other than something I'm happy with.  I've thought about different ways I could go.  I'm guessing the thing to do is write them down - make a list of "Shit I'd Like To Write About" and figure out how/when/where I will.

But in the meantime I just need to write.   I can feel my brain atrophying.

So I'll call this a start.


Beach Bum said...

Frankly, I'm dead in the water right now myself. Since coming off vacation I have neither the unobstructed free time to write nor any "good" ideas even if my wife and kids would leave me alone for more than thirty minutes.

Except for my posting about my run in with Homeland Security at the end of the cruise I have had nothing but pictures to post and the stupid post about the flying humvee. Which I would like your opinion on, the project looks crazy and even fake to me.

MRMacrum said...

Every morning when I gaze fondly in the bathroom mirror at the handsome devil staring back at me, I tell him, "You are not a narcisstic bastard." He believes me and gets on with his day even though he has to beat all the women and a few men off with a stick. It's tough being so cool, but some of us are just able to handle it is all. Did I ever mention that Tom Brady once called me for some support when he was feeling less a man and more like a muffin? No? Well, I won't tell you now either.

A certain amount of narcissism and certainly a healthy ego or maybe a sick one is needed to write publicly. I started blogging just because I have had this need to write since I was a kid. My blog keeps my words in neater array than the countless handwritten spiral notebooks I keep finding whenever I decide to clean out the attic, the basement, or any other corner left to its own devices for years at a time.

I figure that even if I write poorly, I am exercising my brain. And believe me, it needs all the exercise I can give it. It's a sad sad place, all crusty, dusty, and bent out of shape from too much fun in the sun when I was young.

Use or lose it. A blog for me is preventitive medicine.

Just write drafts. You don't have to publish unless you are as cool as I am.

Randal Graves said...

If I had a nickel for every time someone typed that second L, I'd have $1.35.

The dude from Maine is write, I mean, right. Just blurt shit out, keep the noodle from turning into mush, that's what watching the fourth quarter of Cavs' games is for.

Chef Cthulhu said...

BB: Posted my thoughts, from my little perspective here in fucking crazy-land.

Crum: No, but now I'm wondering if he really didn't call you asking for advice on passing against the Jets a couple of weeks back...

Randa: I took that extra "l" back. Law of conservation of "l"'s and all. You can keep the nickel.

MRMacrum said...

Okay. Here I was safely settled into a wonderful period of deep football denial, pretending the calamity of a couple weeks ago was not real. And then you go and mention the word "Jets". Suddenly I feel like I live in Cleveland.

okjimm said...

Shit.... ain't no deal..... like what Mcrum said

//countless handwritten spiral notebooks I keep finding//

and besides.... writing sure beats watching the shopping channel.

just do what you do..... ps i really appreciate the undeserving compliment