Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Freaking Write Something, Already!

So, with losing home internet from Wed - Fri and being unable to post you'd think I would have tons and TONS of things to write about once I got back on.

Yeah, right...I'm surprised at how much nothing I got. Except for this goddam' head cold. So I guess I'm going with random updates because, you know, I have a blog, and I feel somewhat obligated to write something because I'd be guilty of...well...something, I'm sure, after all I was raised Catholic, so guilt is kind of like a food group.

I mentioned I had a greater than 50% chance of heading to Iraq or Afghanistan after this job was up this summer. Apparently, that meant about a 50.1% chance because the guy who figures out where I go next tells me no, I need to go to a school for a year first. So it looks like 2010 for me to head overseas again. Looks like we'll still be moving back to Rhode Island.

And I still need to get into shape - been a good week, interested to see what my weigh-in tells me tomorrow. I work on a plan where I eat right six days a week, and eat what I want on the seventh. Tomorrow is that seventh day. Fuck yeah, pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs for breakfast, pork chops for dinner, and a trough of gravy-covered twinkies and frozen pizza rolls to consume between the two.

I KNOW you've seen this poor bastard by now. But did you know Brian Kilmeade wants to put two fingers in his frigid crack?

I haven't done a "Songs So Cheesy I Had To Put Them On My iPod" post in a while. This one isn't cheesy, but packed with folksy-dirty innuendo. I have a penchant for old sea songs and chanties, and this is one of my favorites. I especially enjoy the use of 18th century naval gunnery terms as metaphors for post-coital complications. Because, you know, guns as metaphors for penises is a stretch...

While Cruising Round Yarmouth - Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd

Speaking of "fair damsels, the wind blowing free..."

The 2009 Women of Maritime Calendar (H/T @petermello)is apparently available online. I just love a woman who can sweat a halyard and reef a spanker. Look, I didn't come up with the title cuz if I did, the women wouldn't be "of" an adjective. It's kind of like saying I'm a man of sleepy.


Julie said...

I have no idea who that guy in the video is or what his story is, but I'm glad to see that the Fox Nooz team is still finding things to talk about now that it's no longer possible for them to discuss politics without crying.

Have you seen the Drinky Crow Show? It has a vaguely nautical theme. Also, one of the producers (Eric Kaplan) also produces the Big Bang Theory.

MRMacrum said...

But at least Brian is being considerate. He will use some vaseline to ease any discomfort.

Good to hear your plan is working out so far. Mine is also. Dropped 3 pounds last week. Of course I had to sew my lips shut to do it. Had to use size #1 silk thread as the last time I did it and used #2, it didn't hold when I rode by some family having a barbeque.

Well I guess not going overseas is a good thing right? Of course it may not what with you having to move to RI instead. ;)

Randal Graves said...

You think overseas could be scary? Watch out for the shambling corpse of Lovecraft.

I just ate, so I'll watch that video later.

Bull said...

Julie - Drinky Crow is pretty darned twisted. Only seen a couple of snippets though.

MrMacrum - Actually we're happy to be heading back to RI. We own a house we're renting, and this puts us in good position to move back into it when our renters leave next year.

Randal - Lovecraft this year, Al Hazred next year.

Dr. Momentum said...

"Let's talk stimulus."

To each his own, Brian, but keep your fingers away from my prostate.